Stop Form Spam & Protect Your Checkout

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Are you ready for total bot protection on Shopify?

Join the fast-growing community of Shopify experts recommending Shop
Protector to stop form spam & bot checkouts

Stop Fake Account Creation

Human Presence technology analyzes your Shopify store traffic in real-time to protect you against account fraud like fake account creation & other fraudulent activities.

Advanced Rules Engine

No more dealing with Recaptcha and those annoying “I’m not a robot” boxes. Shop Protector enables you to prevent annoying, malicious form spam on Shopify in just a few clicks.

Block Checkout Bots

With our Shop Protector Plus upgrade, you can now stop bot-based checkouts and protect the integrity of your store. Protect your release day and customer loyalty with Shop Protector + on Shopify.

Why use Shop Protector?

Shop Protector is a quantum leap in eCommerce protection.

We’ve designed Shop Protector with a smart learning algorithm that removes the need for extra CAPTCHAs or other invasive user tests which annoy site visitors, leads to abandoned carts, and, ultimately, lost sales. This delivers a better visitor experience, and the proof that it works is evident in your bottom line.

Increase security. Decrease frustration. Grow sales.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Check out these 5-star reviews from a few of our customers.

Very Efficient

“I was receiving a lot of spam and emails from people whose emails had been used to create accounts on my website. I’ve installed Shop Protector on my site to rid me of this nuisance. The Team at SP was very efficient and set up the app then updated it when there was a Shopify update. So far so good….”

No More Spam Accounts

“Absolutely perfect and did exactly what it said it would do. Immediately stopped the annoying spam accounts that were happening daily.”

No More Recaptcha

“This app is so great! I was getting over 2000 fake accounts added to my Shopify store and Mailchimp and since setting this app up, I’ve not had any trouble. I love that there’s no need for ReCaptcha, so it’s a great experience for the customer too. The developers were really helpful in getting me set up. Thanks guys!”

Protect Your Shopify Store From Bot
Checkouts & Form Spam In a Few Clicks

Setup Takes Less Than 5 Minutes