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Shop Protector is the most innovative bot detection & bot protection software for eCommerce websites. You can stop shopping bot checkouts without impacting your user experience.
No coding is required. Get started with your app or plugin today!

Are You Ready For Total Checkout Protection?

Join the fast-growing community of eCommerce experts recommending
Shop Protector to stop shopping bot checkouts.

Easy to Use

With our shop protector app on Shopify and WooCommerce extension, we make it easy to protect your checkout with just a few clicks.

Advanced Rules Engine

Are you a more advanced eCommerce user? With our advanced rules engine, you can target different order rules to allow or block orders at checkout.

Great Support

We pride ourselves on 24/7 support for all of our apps & plugins. Our support team knows the Shop Protector technology by heart and is ready to help you with any questions or issues.

Why is eCommerce Bot Protection Important?

On average, 32% of all website traffic comes from bots. Some of these bots are just crawlers for search engines and other software, and then some of these bots are malicious. Malicious bots are causing checkout fraud, form spam, phishing, fake account creation, and so much more for website owners like you.

It’s no secret: you will have more conversions and a better user experience with invisible bot protection.

That’s why we created Shop Protector. To help website owners like you sell products to real people and eliminate shopping bots once and for all.

Every Website Needs ZERO Malicious Bots & Spam

That’s why we are creating integrations with leading CMS platforms on the web,
including Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and more.


Learn more about our Shop Protector app and how we are helping Shopify users stop form spam & shopping bots with checkout protection.

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Learn more about our WooCommerce extension and how we are helping WooCommerce users stop fraud and shopping bots at checkout.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Check out these 5-star reviews from a few of our customers.

Very Efficient

“I was receiving a lot of spam and emails from people whose emails had been used to create accounts on my website. I’ve installed Shop Protector on my site to rid me of this nuisance. The Team at SP was very efficient and set up the app then updated it when there was a Shopify update. So far so good….”

100% Decrease

“This is the ONLY app I found that stops the bots. A total no-brainer for the price and the support has been excellent. Bots were loading up my store and Klaviyo account and costing me money. This app saves me the trouble of manually deleting their spam accounts. A+”

Excellent Customer Service

“The service I received from Shop Protect is excellent. They are knowledgeable and give good customer service. They exercise patience while servicing you.”

Every Website Needs ZERO Malicious Bots & Spam

Setup Takes Less Than 5 Minutes